Top events in our manor house

We start the season every year with the popular event – „Prvomájové Malacky“. The town of Malacky, as the main organizer, has been preparing a spectacular event every year since 2001. On this day, Malacky is visited not only by the inhabitants of the town but by the whole region. During the May Day celebrations, both citizens and tourists, old and young, have the opportunity to enjoy cultural and sporting activities, with many craft stalls and events.


In the middle of May, the Cultural Center - Museum of Michal Tillner prepares an event, in the framework of the World Museum Day, with a varied program.

Summer holidays are the time of vacation and relaxation. Pleasant weather attracts to nature and therefore many events of the Cultural Summer take place in the open air. These are concerts, theater performances for children, as well as adults, in the Castle Park or in the courtyard of the manor house. Cultural Summer programs include attractive program bonuses every year and are available for free or at a symbolic price.